Why You Should Join Our GDI Team!

GDI or Global Domains International has been around for many years and provides excellent online earning opportunities. If you have been online for anytime at all you have seen the ads and promotions some to the big teams teams post.

Some of these Team Leaders earn $30,000 plus just promoting the team building aspect. Our team approaches GDI by using its many tools to help our members new and old learn how to effectively use the tools within to their businesses.

What is GDI Promoting?

GDI offers several ways to earn from the team building using your own Domain name, using the WordPress blog that is included, email addresses, website builder and more for just $10 a month!

Here is what you get with GDI:

Why Pay $10 a Month?

You may Ask Why Pay $10 a month? There are cheaper adn even free options available. While that is true on the surface lets take a look at those.

Without sounding technical, which I am not, with the free and lower cost platforms you still have to pay for hosting, domain name and some of the features are limited and to get all the features included with GDI.

The ‘Free Platforms’ actually make a lot of money from the upgrades for this reason, and many of these are a lot more expensive than $10 a month. Even the ads for “pay $2 a month plans” end up costing a lot more because of extra costs for domains, privacy, and email options etc. GDI provides the hosting, the domain, email and site software (including WordPress which is the most widely recognized and used one) all for $10 a month. You can pay $1 per month extra for optional privacy settings with GDI if you choose to.

You can find cheaper platforms but most have a 3 to 5 year plan that you pay upfront for Hosting, Plus you need to add your domain name or names which again is recommend to commit to 2 years or more, and other fees just to get started. Quite a bit of out of pocket expense to just get started

The Earning Side of GDI

There are many different ways to make money with a GDI account. Monetization of the site itself, using blog posts to automate team building for any business, making sales of products, and writing sponsored posts for example can all be done with a self hosted (paid) blog. You can also work as an affiliate with many different companies to earn from blog posts. These are all very effective methods of working online which are tried and tested and proven to work.

In addition to those many options GDI also pays commission to people who work on team building. The compensation plan for doing this is:

$1 per month for each downline member up to 10 levels (can be opened to ALL levels).

$25 learning bonus for basic account set up and 1 paid referral.

$100 superstar bonus for getting 5 paid members in a week. This is multiplied for each 5 members gained so 10 paid members in a week = $200 etc.

$250 duplication bonus when 10 personally referred team members complete their learning bonus.

$5000 heavy hitter bonus – Refer 1,000 or more paid affiliates in any consecutive 4 week period to qualify for this one.

All in all the earning side of having a GDI account is potentially extremely high.

Why Join Our GDI Team?

So far everything in this post relates to any GDI account. Now I want to tell you more about what you will get as a member of our team.

First of all, by joining with the link provided below, you will be part of our top earning team on GDI. My sponsor is helping to guide us with useful ideas, blog posts on how to build our team and our income as well as being available to ask questions.

Our team shares our promotional systems and gain team members and shares those with our team’s downline members. This means you will get team members from my sponsor, her sponsor and from me.

In addition our upline provides a lot of promotional materials and guidance for anyone in their downline. These are freely provided to any of our team who wants to use them. As my sponsor’s sponsor earns over $30,000 a month you can be assured these promotional materials work very well.

As an added bonus, my Sponsor will personally share how she has worked online for over 10 years and use blogging as the main base of her income streams. As a successful marketer in her own right, she is very happy to provide extra training with regard to actually using the website hosting that GDI provides. This includes provision of step by step set up guides and content for posts which you can literally copy and paste onto your own blog.

Included in this are MULTIPLE posts which earn us all money on a daily basis, my sponsor has earned $10,000 with a single post content, and several different ways of promoting GDI itself.

So basically by joining our team on GDI, you will get the benefit of learning real marketing skills – things like affiliate marketing and blog monetization which pay a huge amount to those who use them effectively. You will ALSO get the benefit of learning how to promote GDI itself from 2 very experienced and successful marketers. That’s in addition to gaining a share of team members from our team’s direct promotional efforts.

Ready To Join?

You can start with a 7 day Free Trial with GDI ! This will give you time to check every thing out.

To Set your account up follow the steps here where we will walk you through how to get started and send you to our team page to learn how to be more and more effective with your marketing efforts http://sperkins.ws/starting-your-blog-on-gdi/


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