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Working With Instant Profits Club (Free Membership)

In building a growing Passive Income online, especially at first, You need to take advantage of resources that will give you a boost.

My experience is Instant Profits Club is one of the Tools you should use. I am glad to see many people joining and benefiting from its many features.

If you haven’t joined already click here to register for free now.

Lets focus for now on the Free Option!

What Do You Get For Free?

Let’s take a look at what is included with the Free Option!

When you register and create your free membership you will immediately get access to the welcome area. This will guide you around exactly what you need to do to use the membership. In my opinion it is very user friendly…..

This is obviously you get started Page and you should click on every link to get familiar with each feature and the benefits and all they offer.

In the get started section you will be given the option to upgrade to Pro Membership, BUT THIS IS NOT REQUIRED. The upgrade will pay you more commission so it is worth looking at, but you can use this system 100% free. When you use the free membership option you will earn 50% commission on any sales made. That includes the monthly traffic options so you can build an ever increasing monthly income with this system FOR FREE.

Next You do need to get your Affiliate Link. to do that you do need to sign up for a free account with Warriors Plus, this will be very beneficial to you as you grow your Passive Income. Simply click the link and follow the instructions to get your account and link for IPC.

The last thing that is available in the getting started section is free bonus training on how to build 5 figures per month with this exact free membership system.

I feel this training is really spot on and it breaks things down in a very relatable way. It talks about some of the main issues about working online and how to overcome those. The early parts of the training do focus a lot on the achievements of the creator BUT there is a lot of useful information interweaved in that so it is worth giving the time to listen to it.

This training does explain the membership model and why it works so well. If you want to know why you should promote Instant Profits Club this explains it in detail.

The main parts of this bonus training that I thought provided the most value are:

  • Simple Software That Will Build Your Entire Online Business For You FOR FREE! 
  • Where to Get Tens of Thousands of Customers Online FOR FREE That Nobody Talks About 
  • The 4 Step Business Model I’m Using to Go From $0 – $60,000/month In Just 6 Months

If you haven’t joined already click here to register for free now.

Learning to Promote

One of the many parts of this system that I thought was very good is the fact they provide a LOT of promotional material. This is not just a single email, there are a wide variety of promo tools provided. In my opinion this section alone will teach a lot of the skills that affiliates need to learn to be successful. Here is a list of the different types of promo resources that are provided:

Free Training

In addition to the traffic resources and the bonus training video, there is also a free training section which provides 10 videos which teach Instant Cash Methods:

Part 2: Fast Strategy

Part 3: Affiliate Setup

Part 4: List Method

Part 5: Paid Advertising

Part 6: Product Method

Part 7: Service Offerings

Part 8: Event Method

Part 9: Hybrid Marketing

Part 10: Social Promotion

My Honest Opinion….

Honestly I really wish I had found or recommended to this site when I was first starting out with affiliate marketing. It has so much useful information provided 100% free. In fact there is more training provided in this free membership than I have received in some paid courses.

The main thing about this free membership site that I love is the fact it is ALL directed at helping you to actually take action.

I will be honest and say if you take the time to go through this free membership site in detail, you will know EXACTLY how to make your first sales as an affiliate. This would have saved me years of confusion and frustration…… and cash too!

Do yourself a favour – click here to join for free today and WATCH THE TRAINING VIDEOS!


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