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Neobux is one of my favourite sites online, I belonged several years ago but I did not know how to use it properly. Its actually really simple to build a high level income on Neobux…… but it does take time. Below I explain more about why it is worth the time and effort.

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Mobile, Tablet, Laptop or Desktop

You can use Neobux on a variety of Devices like your Mobile phone, Tablet, Laptop or Desktop. You CANNOT click on the ads on anything but your laptop or Desktop…

Surveys and Games

If you are using a mobile phone or tablet you need to stick to the surveys and games part of the site for earning. Surveys are pretty high paying on Neobux I spend about 20 minutes or so going through the list of surveys to find a few I can “qualify to do” (I am 70 and retired with no young children at home which disqualifies me) but still find many I can do to earn $1 or more each day.

I am not much of a Game Player so I do not do Games but there are many there that I know some of our team play to earn.

Ad Clicks and Rented Referrals

This is the main part of Neobux That I recently learned about and it makes it easy to build a high level income using it. Most people don’t understand the power of using Rented Referrals, and also don’t use them in the correct way.

Here is my guide for using rented referrals (RR’s) on Neobux:

  • Do not rent any referrals until you have earned enough to extend them by 240 days. You need about $5 in your account to cover the cost of renting and extending 3 RR’s (doing surveys is the fastest way to earn that $5).
  • Rent small numbers of RR’s and extend them immediately.
  • Do not recycle any RR’s – let the automated system do that for free.
  • Make sure you click all the paid ads daily.
  • Keep earning $5 and renting/extending 3 RR’s over and over.
  • Work this way until you can pay for an upgrade from your earnings. Upgrading will earn you a lot more.
  • As you build your account and allow the automated system to recycle, you will end up with more and more active RR’s the longer you use it.
  • You can easily earn $10+ per day by clicking on a few ads each day on Neobux. You just need to keep adding RR’s to reach that level.

Thats really all you need to know….. keep adding RR’s to build your income to whatever level you want. Build it first and then you can withdraw every week.

Use Neobux As Part of Bigger Strategy

Neobux is a REALLY good site to use to generate funds to pay for upgrades on many other sites – for example you can use it to pay for traffic upgrades, or to fund passive earning sites. Doing this means you can build passive income on multiple sites without spending a penny out of pocket.

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